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I of circular ring, solid sphere, hollow sphere. Two S. Subramanian S. All are now thought of as distortions in space-time. Gravitational pull is proportional to the mass of the. However, it is not an inverse square. The range of a particle exchange force is. It is the strongest of the four fundamental. In the st and ard model, therefore, the. When something is viewed as emerging from a. One of the four fundamental forces, the electromagnetic force manifests itself.

Fundamentally, both. The quantum approach to the electromagnetic force is. The electromagnetic force is a force of. The electromagnetic force holds atoms and molecules together. In fact, the. Even magnetic. Gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces, yet it is the dominant force. This is of ten called the "universal law of gravitation" and G the universal. It is an example of an inverse square law force. The force is. This led Einstein to start with the.

It turns out that this was the wrong place to. Frictional resistance to the relative motion of two solid objects is usually. Since it is the force perpendicular or "normal" to the. The frictional resistance force may then be. The frictional force is also presumed to be proportional to the coefficient of.

However, the amount of force required to move an object starting from. Therefore two coefficients of friction are sometimes. The force expression above can be called the st and ard model. While this general description of friction which I will refer to as the st and ard. In general, the coefficients of friction for static and kinetic friction are different. Like all simple statements about friction, this picture of friction is too simplistic. Saying that rougher surfaces experience more friction sound s safe enough - two.

But if two pieces of flat metal are made. If you make them very flat and smooth, and remove all. Smooth glass plates in.

Friction is typically characterized by a coefficient of friction which is the ratio of. In this case the normal force is the weight of the block. Typically there. F in the definition of potential energy is the force exerted by the force field, e. The force you must exert to move it must be equal but oppositely directed, and.

The force exerted by the force field always. The implication of "conservative" in this context is that you could move it. A further implication is that the energy of an object which is subject only to that. Static frictional forces from the interlocking of the irregularities of two surfaces will. It is that threshold of motion which is characterized by the coefficient of static. The coefficient of static friction is typically larger than the coefficient of.

The coefficient is typically less than the coefficient of static friction,. For the maximum angle of static friction between granular materials, see Angle of. For certain applications it is more useful to define static friction in terms of the. This is called the. Let us consider the motion of block on the inclined plane for that first we put.

In this case the expression will be the same as in the case of moving downward. Because the absence of friction same effort will be required to. The SI unit for work is the joule J.

One joule is the product of one Newton and. For example, if a girl pushes a box with a 5. If the force is given by F x a function of x then the work done by the force along.

Kinetic energy is energy of motion. The kinetic energy of an object is the energy. Kinetic energy is an expression of the fact that a moving object can do work on. The total mechanical energy of an object is the sum of its kinetic. For an object of finite size, this kinetic energy is called the translational kinetic.

If the speed is. The kinetic energy of a point mass m is given. Since the zero of gravitational potential energy can be chosen at any point.

Consider an object of mass 'm', raised through a height 'h' above the earth's. From the above relation it is clear that the potential energy of an object depends. The kinetic energy of a body may be defined as the amount of work it can do. The kinetic energy of a rotating object is analogous to linear kinetic energy and. For a given fixed axis of rotation, the rotational kinetic.

The expressions for rotational and linear kinetic energy can be developed in a. The tangential velocity of any point is proportional to its distance. Angular velocity is the rate of change of angular displacement and can be. The angular momentum of a particle of mass m with respect to a chosen origin is.

The direction is given by the right h and rule which would give L the direction out. For an orbit, angular momentum is conserved, and this leads to. The angular momentum of a rigid object is defined as the product of the moment. It is analogous to linear momentum and is. It is derivable from the expression for the angular momentum of a.

Angular momentum and linear momentum are examples of the parallels between. They have the same form and are subject to the. In this section, we will develop the relationship between torque and angular. You will need to have a basic underst and ing of moments of inertia. Imagine a force F acting on some object at a distance r from its axis of rotation.

All components of force are mutually perpendicular, or normal. However, we know that angular acceleration, , and the tangential acceleration.

Note that the radial component of the force goes through the axis of rotation, and. The left h and side of the equation is torque. So the sum of the torques is equal to. Figure 1 Radial and Tangential Components of Force, two dimensions. If we make an analogy between translational and rotational motion, then this.

Second Law. Namely, taking torque to be analogous to force, moment of inertia. Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity. Acceleration is. The instantaneous acceleration at any time may be obtained by taking the limit of. Any motion in a curved path represents accelerated motion, and requires a force.

Mechanics And Properties Of Matter

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Thermopile Unsigned A thermopile is a set of thermocouples connected in series. When connected to a sensitive galvanometer and properly aimed it is able to detect the heat from a match across the room. In a prism spectrum it can be used to detect the infrared radiation beyond the visible part of the spectrum. It was invented in by John Herschel but the form of the present instrument is due to Violle. It consists of two concentric hollow spheres.

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Each title brought together the best of the teaching notes and experimental ideas from members of the association that had appeared in the ASE journal, School Science Review. L inear motion. Circular motio n. Archimedes ' principle: the Cartesian diver.

Mechanics,Properties of matter and sound(SPH8A11)

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