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Raise the Red Lantern: Three Novellas

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Novels Plot Summary 317: Wives and Concubines

Known for his controversial writing style, Su is regarded as one of the pioneering novelists in China. He has written seven full-length novels and over short stories, some of which had been translated into English, German, Italian and French. He is best known for his book Wives and Concubines in the West, published in The book has since been published under the name given to the film. Would you like to see only ebooks? Last edited by Clean Up Bot.

It has since been republished in the United States under the title Raise the Red Lantern in order to capitalize on the success of the film. Lotus is attending college when her father's tea business goes bankrupt. She chooses to become a concubine of Chen Zuoqian in the rich Chen household in order to avoid having to work. From the beginning, she does not fit into the household with its three other wives. Initially, the first mistress Joy ignores her, the second mistress Cloud befriends her, and the third mistress Coral acts with outright hostility. Coral goes so far as to interrupt Lotus's wedding night with the lie that she has taken ill. Chen's elder son Feipu, who is older than Lotus, comes home.

PDF | The paper examines Su Tong's novel “Wives and Concubines” as historical resource to study the position of women in the first quarter of the 20th | Find.

Novels Plot Summary 317: Wives and Concubines

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Women’s issue in Su Tong’s novel “Wives and Concubines”

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