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career planning and development in hrm pdf

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Everything you need to know about career planning. A career is the work a person does in his entire life span. Another definition of a career is the sequence of jobs that an individual has held throughout his or her working life.

Career Management is a life-long process of investing resources to accomplish your future career goals. It is a continuing process that allows you to adapt to the changing demands of our dynamic economy. Look at yourself to discover your interests, skills, personality traits, and values. You can start by asking yourself the following questions:. Once you have made a career decision, you need to plan how you will carry out that decision.

Career Development in HRM

Career planning is a process involving a few steps. These steps help a person in planning his career and deciding about his future. Self-assessment is a process that helps an individual in assessing his skills, potential, strengths, and ability to fulfill his aims. As the name of the step suggests, a person assesses himself and then based on his analysis and keeping his strengths and weaknesses in mind he will draft a future plan. By drafting future plan we mean that executing this step helps the persons to finalize the profession and career path he wants to choose. Once you have self-analyzed yourself the second step that awaits your attention is to fill the loopholes you have identified in the above step. By this, we mean that in this step you have to see that what are the qualities and skills that are required by you to help you achieve your aims and goals.

Career Planning in HRM

For some people, Life is a Race and for some people, Life is to do what you love to do. But wait a bit, Have you ever thought Why people are so much worried about the future? The answers to this question can be many from your and mine sides. So, Before knowing about the Career Planning and Development, firstly we should know what the Career actually means?? Career is the sequence of position held by a person during the course of a lifetime. So, I hope You have understood the Meaning of Career. Career Planning and Development is the process by which one selects career goals that gives the actual roadmap to goals and the personal actions to achieve that career plan.

the mix of skills available from the existing labour pool. The human resource management (HRM) literature has stressed that the career development and.

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Effective HRM encompasses career planning, career development and succession planning. An organization without career planning and career development initiatives is likely to encounter the highest rate of attrition, causing much harm to their plans and programmes. Similarly without succession planning managing of vacancies, particularly at higher levels, become difficult. There are examples of many organizations that had to suffer for not being able to find a right successor for their key positions. With the increase scope for job mobility and corporate race for global headhunting of good performers, it is now a well established fact that normal employment span for key performers remains awfully short.

Everything you need to know about career development.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. This paper addresses specific questions on career planning, activity which plays an increasingly representative role in the human resources management. People were always concerned about choosing and building careers to meet their needs and aspirations. Career planning process involves both individual and organization responsibility.

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