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collection development in library and information science pdf

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Sridhar, M.

Collection development in library and information science at ARL libraries

The University Libraries allocates its budget into separate fund accounts for each discipline to finance the purchase of books, serials, and other media. Departments are encouraged to participate in the selection of materials. Subject selectors also act as liaisons to the various departments on campus, and create Library Impact Statements for new course proposals. Use the form below if you would like to suggest that the Libraries acquire a particular book, video, CD, etc. Your suggestion will be forwarded to the appropriate subject selector. The subject selector creates the LIS and returns it to the faculty for inclusion in the curriculum proposal. For curriculum proposal information and forms, go to the Faculty Senate website.

The primary purpose of libraries is to preserve the knowledge that is available in any documentary form. However, the scope has widened to ensure that the user is satisfied. University libraries acquire the documents to provide the documents or information to satisfy the changing needs of the students, faculty and researchers. The objective of the libraries has been subject to the transformation from preservation to the provision of information to the utmost satisfaction of the user. Collection Development encompasses all plans formulated for the systematic and rational building of a collection.

Collection development, the process used by librarians to choose items for a particular library or section of a library, can be time-consuming and difficult due to the many factors that must be taken into consideration. Library Collection Development for Professional Programs: Trends and Best Practices addresses the challenging task of collection development in modern academic libraries, which is largely learned on the job. This publication contains practical advice and innovative strategies essential for current collection development librarians and future librarians seeking guidance in this complex position. Collection development is a challenging part of a librarian's job and one that tends to be very situation-specific, making it difficult to teach it effectively most, if not all, practical skills in this area are learned on the job. The purpose of this collection is to provide practicing librarians and students preparing to enter the profession with advice and strategies on how best to navigate the complex processes involved in creating and managing library collections. It will also showcase strategies, projects, investigations and comparisons developed and carried out across geographies and disciplines by librarians in the field.

Collection development in library and information science at ARL libraries

Library collection development is the process of building the library materials to meet the information needs of the users a service population in a timely and economical manner using information resources locally held, as well as from other organizations. According to the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions IFLA , acquisition and collection development focuses on methodological and topical themes pertaining to acquisition of print and other analogue library materials by purchase, exchange, gift, legal deposit , and the licensing and purchase of electronic information resources. The development and implementation of a collection development policy is a best practices for libraries and archives, and addresses issues such as:. Weeding is an important but difficult aspect of collection development in a library. A librarian may withdraw materials based on the condition, age, relevancy, or lack of space for an item.

Collection Management

LIS collections primarily support librarians and staff in their daily work and ongoing professional development. However, most libraries' LIS collections budgets are comparatively small, selectors receive few requests for new materials, and collecting parameters vary by institution, but are limited in terms of subject, publisher, and audience. The majority of LIS selectors are also responsible for collection development in multiple subject areas and most engage in work outside collection development. This is the first paper to explore collection development of library and information science materials outside dedicated library school libraries. Little, G.

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Professor, Department in Library and Information Science, Mizoram University, Aizawl , Mizoram,. India. *E-mail: [email protected]

Collection Management

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Collection Development of Library

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Collection development


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    The collection development and management literature from and explores how libraries are making difficult collection choices with decreasing funds, competing needs for space, and a continually developing e-market.