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polymer degradation and stabilization pdf

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Polymer degradation is a change in the properties— tensile strength , color , shape, etc. These changes are usually undesirable, such as cracking and chemical disintegration of products or, more rarely, desirable, as in biodegradation , or deliberately lowering the molecular weight of a polymer for recycling.

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Polymer Degradation and Stabilization

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Polymer degradation

Jouenne, S.. A key challenge in polymer-flood forecasting is the prediction of polymer stability far from the injector. Degradation may result from various mechanical-degradation events in surface facilities and at the wellbore interface, as well as possible oxidative degradation caused by the presence of oxygen and reduced transition metals. All these steps must be closely examined to minimize degradation and ensure propagation of a viscous polymer solution. In this paper, polymer solutions are pushed toward degradation rates that would be unacceptable for enhanced-oil-recovery applications to better understand the underlying physics. Multistep degradation events are induced in various geometries, such as capillaries, blenders, and porous media. For the geometries and range of polymer and salt concentrations investigated, degradation as defined here approaches an asymptotic value as the number of degrading events increases.

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Polymer Degradation and Stability — Template for authors

Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. Help expand a public dataset of research that support the SDGs. Polymer Degradation and Stability deals with the degradation reactions and their control which are a major preoccupation of practitioners of the many and diverse aspects of modern polymer technology. Deteriorative reactions occur during processing, when polymers are subjected to heat, oxygen and mechanical

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. The development of polymers as an important class of material was inhibited at the first by the premature failure of these versatile compounds in many applications. The deterioration of important properties of both natural and synthetic polymers is the result of irreversible changes in composition and structure of polymers molecules. It is now generally recognized that stabilization against degradation is necessary if the useful life of polymers is to be extended sufficiently to meet design requirements for long-term applications.

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Polymer Degradation and Stability

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The development of polymers as an important class of material was inhibited at Pages PDF · Stabilization Against Non-oxidative Thermal Degradation.

Polymer Degradation and Stability

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