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comedy and social purpose two plays of mengistu lemma pdf

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Displacing the State

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Layers of Time

Mengistu Lemma , a Haile Selassie Prize Laureate for Literature, was an outstanding poet and playwright who wrote in Amharic, the most widely spoken and written language in Ethiopia. His anthology of poems was published in He also wrote a long poem about an Ethiopian gentleman, Basha Ashebir, visiting America. The latter sees his host country with wide gaping eyes as well as with a great sense of humor. Besides his mother tongue, Amharic, Lemma had mastered Ge'ez, Ethiopia's classical language, and had been steeped in its rich tradition.

Mengistu Lemma — was an Ethiopian playwright and poet. After undertaking traditional religious studies at the Tiqo Mekane Selassie church where his father was Aleqa a title given to church leaders , he moved to the capital Addis Ababa due to the transfer of his father to the Qatchane Medhane'alem Church. There he was admitted to Kotebe Qedamawi Haile Selassie school. In , Mengistu studied in London at the Regent Street Polytechnic before studying economics and political science at the London School of Economics. In the six years he spent in London, he was able to meet and then establish friendship with the famous British playwright George Bernard Shaw.

Mengistu Lemma (–) was an Ethiopian playwright and poet. Biography[​edit] This play was the first modern comedy play in the history of Ethiopian theatre. Mengistu Lemma expressed his hope of developing a society of males who give Yalacha Gabicha This play deals with the idea of marriage between two.

Mengistu Lemma

Olga Yazbek for her unreserved and helpful responses throughout the writing of this thesis. I am also grateful to her insightful comments on my analysis of satirical and comic elements in the literary works in this study. I would especially like to thank my beloved wife Beza for her seemingly endless support and enthusiasm for this project.

Uganda has an active theatre culture and has developed particular initiatives in the use of theatre for developmental and educational purposes and in the exploration of the theatrical potential of traditional performance forms. Mbowa, with her company, drew on the rich performance resources of the various ethnic groups of Uganda. The play also toured Europe and became symbolic of the vigour and relevance of contemporary Ugandan theatre. A number of male and female playwrights have established strong reputations—often producing work with their own companies and with central elements of dance , mime , and music. Serumaga himself left Uganda for the relative security of Kenya.

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Mengistu Lemma (–), a Haile Selassie Prize Laureate for Literature, was an The second play, Marriage of Unequals: A Comedy deals with marriage between a couple the intellectual and social itinerary of an Ethiopian mandarin.

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    Mengistu Lemma (), a Haile Selassie Prize Laureate for The second play, Marriage of Unequals: A Comedy deals with The result was a masterful narrative of the intellectual and social itinerary Request Full-text Paper PDF Sweeney's introduction explains his purpose: “These documents.