Design Of Propulsion And Electric Power Generation Systems Pdf

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design of propulsion and electric power generation systems pdf

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A thermal power station is a power station in which heat energy is converted to electricity. Typically, water is heated into steam, which is used to drive an electrical generator. After it passes through the turbine the steam is condensed in a steam condenser and recycled to where it was heated. This is known as a Rankine cycle. The greatest variation in the design of thermal power stations is due to the different heat sources: fossil fuel , nuclear energy, solar energy, biofuels, and waste incineration are all used.

Design Of Propulsion And Electric Power Generation Systems Pdf

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Contenido: The book is primarily intended for students at technical universities on a bacherols course. The more advanced chapters can be used at masters level. Since the focus is on design, it is also relevant for professional marine engineers as a reference text for the daily application of physical principles to practical problems. The book also offers the operational engineer some fundamental background. Marine engineering is part of the greater task of designing and operating ships where machinery systems have a decisive influence on their architecture and their safe and economic operation. Since marine engineering is the art of integrating components into systems, able to perform a specific set of functions, the systems engineering approach is the key element. The higher level functional approach, however, is always present, while at the same time the book offers adequate information on specific components.

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Considerations are held about the specificationin whichthe PV plants have to fulfill so that they can be installed on marine vessels. Initially, a brief description of the typical electrical grid of ships is presented, distinguishing the main parts, reporting the typical electrical magnitudes, and choosing the most preferable installation areas. The technical specifications,in whichthe PV plants have to be compatible with, are fully described. They are determined by the special marine environmental conditions, taking into consideration parameters like wind, humidity, shading, corrosion, and limited installation area. The work is carried out with the presentation of the most popular trends in the field of solar cell types and PV system technologies and their ability to keep up with the aforementioned specifications. Without doubt the last decade was the golden age of the photovoltaic systems.

Thermal power station

This book provides a wealth of information on the design of propulsion and electric power generation systems, including the underlying science, focusing primarily on marine systems engineering. It is the ideal study guide for university and high school students as well as a source of reference for marine engineers for the daily application of physical principles to practical problems. The book sets out the fundamental principles of marine engineering and then discusses propulsion and electric power, energy conversion, power plant concepts, main machinery, diesel engines, gas turbines, electrical components, propellers, matching propulsion engine to propeller, and ship fuel consumption and exhaust emission. Written by Hans Klein Woud and Douwe Stapersma, the book is based on some 30 years of practical experience with the design of machinery systems, mainly for naval ships.

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Design of Propulsion and Electric Power Generation Systems, 2019 revised edition

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. The panel focused on those electric power generation, storage, and propulsion technologies that, when applied as a system, will support the electrification of ships, submarines, and land-based vehicles. It surveyed the status of key elements of power systems such as energy storage devices, electric power recovery subsystems, and battery technologies.

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