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phase shift keying modulation and demodulation pdf

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The proposed technique is more robust to phase noise and consumes up to

Phase-shift keying PSK is a digital modulation process which conveys data by changing modulating the phase of a constant frequency reference signal the carrier wave. The modulation is accomplished by varying the sine and cosine inputs at a precise time. Any digital modulation scheme uses a finite number of distinct signals to represent digital data. PSK uses a finite number of phases, each assigned a unique pattern of binary digits.

Understanding Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) Modulation

You need Adobe Reader 7. If Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer, click the button below and go to the download site. In its present state, the link uses amplitude shift keying ASK for the modulation scheme. To improve the system's performance, such as sensitivity and spectral efficiency, we need phase shift keying PSK modulation in the GHz band. The capacity of data communication systems continues to increase each year to meet the data rates of high-speed protocols and those needed for the transfer of high-definition video. Along with this tendency, demand for high-speed wireless systems is also increasing.

There are many variations on phase shift keying PSK modulation with the methods differing by their spectral efficiencies, PMEPR, and suitability for carrier recovery. PSK is an efficient digital modulation scheme and can be simply implemented and demodulated using a phase-locked loop. What is very interesting about this spectrum is that it approximately fills a square. So PSK modulation results in an efficient use of the spectrum. This can be contrasted with the spectrum of an FM signal shown in Figure 2.

Digital Communication - Phase Shift Keying

A digital signal, representing the binary digits 0 and 1 by a series of on and off amplitudes, is impressed onto an analog carrier wave of constant amplitude and frequency. In amplitude-shift keying ASK , the modulated wave represents the series of bits by shifting abruptly between high and low amplitude. In frequency-shift keying FSK , the bit stream is represented by shifts between two frequencies. In phase-shift keying PSK , amplitude and frequency remain constant; the bit stream is represented by shifts in the phase of the modulated signal. When phase is the parameter altered by the information signal, the method is called phase-shift keying PSK.

The digital modulation like PSK phase shift keying is one kind of modulation which is used to change the phase of the carrier signal to convey the data. In digital modulation, digital data can be represented by using a fixed number of discrete signals. Phase shift keying utilizes a fixed number of phases, where each phase can be allocated a unique outline of binary digits. Usually, every phase encodes an equivalent digit of bits. Each outline of bits can form the symbol that is signified through the specific phase. The demodulator is specially designed for the symbol-set which is utilized by the modulator. This article discusses an overview of differential phase-shift keying or DPSK.

Phase-shift keying

To begin with, this chapter quite generally creates a basis for an approach to the digital modulation methods. Following this chapter, it would also be possible to continue e. Experts, of course can simply skip this chapter.

Phase Shift Keying PSK is the digital modulation technique in which the phase of the carrier signal is changed by varying the sine and cosine inputs at a particular time. If this kind of techniques are further extended, PSK can be done by eight or sixteen values also, depending upon the requirement. The block diagram of Binary Phase Shift Keying consists of the balance modulator which has the carrier sine wave as one input and the binary sequence as the other input. Following is the diagrammatic representation. The modulation of BPSK is done using a balance modulator, which multiplies the two signals applied at the input.

2.8.1 Essentials of PSK

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