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In any 2-Dimensional plane if we connect two points x0, y0 and x1, y1 , we get a line segment. For using graphics functions, our system output screen is treated as a coordinate system where the coordinate of the top-left corner is 0, 0 and as we move down our y-ordinate increases and as we move right our x-ordinate increases for any point x, y. Now, for generating any line segment we need intermediate points and for calculating them we can use a basic algorithm called DDA Digital differential analyzer line generating algorithm.

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Vector graphics are computer graphics images that are defined in terms of points on a Cartesian plane , which are connected by lines and curves to form polygons and other shapes. Vector graphics have the unique advantage over raster graphics in that the points, lines, and curves may be scaled up or down to any resolution with no aliasing. The points determine the direction of the vector path ; each path may have various properties including values for stroke color, shape, curve, thickness, and fill. Instead of sectioning off a large region of computer memory and mapping that to the display device, vector display devices use a variable number of lines to create images—hence the term "vector graphics. There was a video game console that used vector graphics called Vectrex as well as various arcade games like Asteroids , Space Wars and many cinematronics titles such as Rip-Off , and Tail Gunner using vector monitors.

In computer graphics , a line drawing algorithm is an algorithm for approximating a line segment on discrete graphical media, such as pixel -based displays and printers. On such media, line drawing requires an approximation in nontrivial cases. Basic algorithms rasterize lines in one color. A better representation with multiple color gradations requires an advanced process, spatial anti-aliasing. On continuous media, by contrast, no algorithm is necessary to draw a line. For example, oscilloscopes use natural phenomena to draw lines and curves.

This algorithm is used for scan converting a line. It was developed by Bresenham. It is an efficient method because it involves only integer addition, subtractions, and multiplication operations. These operations can be performed very rapidly so lines can be generated quickly. Assume a pixel P 1 ' x 1 ',y 1 ' ,then select subsequent pixels as we work our may to the night, one pixel position at a time in the horizontal direction toward P 2 ' x 2 ',y 2 '. The line is best approximated by those pixels that fall the least distance from the path between P 1 ',P 2 '. To chooses the next one between the bottom pixel S and top pixel T.

Computer Graphics/Output Primitive

Bresenham's line algorithm is a line drawing algorithm that determines the points of an n -dimensional raster that should be selected in order to form a close approximation to a straight line between two points. It is commonly used to draw line primitives in a bitmap image e. It is an incremental error algorithm. It is one of the earliest algorithms developed in the field of computer graphics. An extension [ which?

We develop a unified framework for combining point and line samples in direct lighting calculations. While line samples have proven beneficial in a variety of rendering contexts, their application in direct lighting has been limited due to a lack of formulas for evaluating advanced BRDFs along a line and performance tied to the orientation of occluders in the scene. We lift these limitations by elevating line samples to a shared higher-dimensional space with point samples. Our key insight is to separate the probability distribution functions of line samples and points that lie along a line sample. This simple conceptual change allows us to apply multiple importance sampling MIS between points and lines, and lines with each other, in order to leverage their respective strengths. We also show how to improve the convergence rate of the MIS combination in unoccluded regions in an unbiased way using a novel discontinuity-smoothing balance heuristic.

of computer graphics is to convert them to a sequence of points - picture cells or pixels that Computer graphics is an art of drawing pictures, lines, charts, etc.

Line drawing algorithm

These notes emphasize the basic principles needed to design, use, and understand computer graphics systems. Sc, B. Tech CSE, M.

A computer Graphics can be anything like beautiful scenery, images, terrain, trees, or anything else that we can imagine, however all these computer graphics are made up of the most basic components of Computer Graphics that are called Graphics Output Primitive or simply primitive. The Primitives are the simple geometric functions that are used to generate various Computer Graphics required by the User. Some most basic Output primitives are point-position pixel , and a straight line.

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Bresenham's Line Algorithm:

It is difficult to display an image of any size on the computer screen. This method is simplified by using Computer graphics. Graphics on the computer are produced by using various algorithms and techniques. This tutorial describes how a rich visual experience is provided to the user by explaining how all these processed by the computer. Computer Graphics involves technology to access. The Process transforms and presents information in a visual form. The role of computer graphics insensible.

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