Scapular Dyskinesis And Its Relation To Shoulder Injury Pdf

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scapular dyskinesis and its relation to shoulder injury pdf

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Scapular dyskinesis was not associated with pain and function in male adolescent athletes.

Scapular dyskinesis and its relation to shoulder injury

Scapular dyskinesis is quite frequent and can lead to shoulder pain. The diagnosis is essentially clinical. The main cause is muscle imbalance, between the trapezius, rhomboids, and pectoralis minor. In these cases, rehabilitation is the best treatment. We present a case of a young male patient with dyskinesis due to axonal involvement of the long thoracic nerve and paresis of the anterior serratus muscle.

A trial of conservative care for restoring scapular dyskinesis: A clinical series

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Scapular dyskinesis and its relation to shoulder injury.

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The scapula plays a key role in nearly every aspect of normal shoulder function. Scapular dyskinesis-altered scapular positioning and motion-is found in association with most shoulder injuries. Basic science and clinical research findings have led to the identification of normal three-dimensional scapular kinematics in scapulohumeral rhythm and to abnormal kinematics in shoulder injury, the development of clinical methods of evaluating the scapula eg, scapular assistance test, scapular retraction test , and the formulation of rehabilitation guidelines. Primary scapular presentations such as scapular winging and snapping should be managed with a protocol that is focused on the scapula.

Swimming as Treatment of Scapular Dyskinesis

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Physical tests identified scapular dyskinesis on the involved side, and pain during shoulder flexion tasks. With no best practice identified for the conservative treatment of rotator cuff tears, treatment focused on correcting the scapular dyskinesis present. These findings suggest that conservative treatment designed to correct scapular dyskinesis can be effective in alleviating pain and dysfunction associated with rotator cuff tears, as well as reducing time to return to full level of sport when compared to surgical interventions. Br J Sports Med. PubMed ID: doi Kibler WB , Sciascia A. Current concepts: scapular dyskinesis.

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Movement Pattern of Scapular Dyskinesis in Symptomatic Overhead Athletes

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Scapular Dyskinesis and Its Relation to Shoulder Pain


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