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etienne gilson god and philosophy pdf

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Christian philosophy and on St. Thomas would expect, this studyof Augustine isoutstanding in its sophistication, wit and profundity, in the,aptness of the illustrations from common experience, in the mastery of voluminous sources the notes and bibliography cover one hundred arid thirty-four pages , and most impressive of all, in the marvelous adroitness with which M. Gilson gathers together into a coherent whole the, free-flowing 'open system'.

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God and philosophy

Sign in Create an account. Syntax Advanced Search. God and Philosophy. Yale University Press Gilson examines Greek, Christian, and modern philosophy as well as the thinking that has grown out of our age of science in this fundamental analysis of the problem of God.

In this final edition of his classic study of St. Thomas Aquinas, Etienne Gilson presents the sweeping range and organic unity of Thomistic philosophical thought. The philosophical thinking of Aquinas is the result of reason being challenged to relate to many theological conceptions of the Christian tradition. Gilson carefully reviews how Aquinas grapples with the relation itself of faith and reason and continuing through the existence and nature of God and His creation, the world and its creatures, especially human beings with their power of intellect, will, and moral life. He concludes this study by discussing the life of people in society, along with their purpose and final destiny. Gilson demonstrates that Aquinas drew from a wide spectrum of sources in the development of his thought-from the speculations of the ancient Greeks such as Aristotle, to the Arabic and Jewish philosophers of his time, as well as from Christian writers and scripture. The Christian Philosophy of St.

God and philosophy

This book examines key issues in Christianity from various philosophical points of view. It brings together European authors with American theologians and philosophers on an interconfessional basis. Coverage combines analytical and continental approaches in a unique way. This comprehensive, innovative analysis will help readers gain a deep understanding into a wide range of philosophical approaches to basic Christian problems. The novelty of this volume is the unique combination of philosophical and theological approaches. It merges these points-of-view in a rational manner which characterizes segments of Anglo-American and Continental thought.

God and Philosophy

The historical sweep is breathtaking, the one-liners arresting, and the style, both intellectual and literary, altogether engaging. Gilson not only an accurate exposition of the thought of the great philosophers, ancient and modern, but what is of much more importance and of greater interest, a keen and sympathetic insight into the reasons for that thought. The present volume does not fail to fulfill our expectations. It should be read by every Christian thinker.

A scholar of medieval philosophy, he originally specialised in the thought of Descartes, yet also philosophized in the tradition of Thomas Aquinas , although he did not consider himself a Neo-Thomist philosopher. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. In , while employed in teaching at the University of Lille , he defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Paris on "Liberty in Descartes and Theology". His career was interrupted by the outbreak of World War I , as he was drafted into the French Army as a sergeant.

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God and Philosophy

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Étienne Gilson


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