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Edward Said has been widely praised as a leading thinker of post-colonialism and even as one of its founding figures. His best known book, Orientalism , is a milestone in post-colonial theory and was one of the first examples for combining French critical theory with Anglophone cultural and textual tradition cf. Castro Varela , It actually paved the way for differentiating critical Postcolonial Studies from the earlier Commonwealth Literary Studies with their uncritical continuation of colonial prejudices cf. Said was born in in Jerusalem, which was at that time ruled under British mandate in the aftermath of the Balfour Declaration.

His work highlights the inaccuracies of a wide variety of assumptions as it questions various paradigms of thought which are accepted on individual, academic, and political levels. The Orient exists for the West, and is constructed by and in relation to the West. The man is depicted as feminine, weak, yet strangely dangerous because his sexuality poses a threat to white, Western women. The woman is both eager to be dominated and strikingly exotic. The Oriental is a single image, a sweeping generalization, and a stereotype that crosses countless cultural and national boundaries. Its basic content is static and unanimous.


Said restates his purpose in the book and in the previous chapter in the opening page to the third chapter. His purpose in the first chapter was to define the scope of thought and action meant by the word Orientalism. He used the British and French experiences to help define this term and to explain the confrontation of Westerners with the Orient. In the second chapter, Said was interested in defining modern Orientalism. Here he discussed various authors and their works. Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

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Orientalism - Part 3, Orientalism Now: Latent and Manifest Orientalism Summary & Analysis

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Latent and Manifest Orientalism as Seen by Edward Said and his Critics

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    Unlike the Americans, the French and British--less so the Germans, Russians, Spanish, Portugese, Italians, and Swiss--have had a long tradition of what I shall be calling Orientalism, a way of coming to terms with the Orient that is based on the Orient's special place in European Western Experience.

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    Orientalist notions of the orient, he concludes, whether latent or manifest, depend all what he sees as a total absence, in Western culture, of the orient as a '.

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    Reviewed by: After Said: Postcolonial literary studies in the twenty-first century ed.