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itil v3 foundation questions and answers pdf

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ITIL Foundation EXAM TESTS V3 & V4

These guidelines are best practices that are gathered, observed, and put together over time to provide quality IT services. COBIT is used for the integration of information and technology It enables to implement guideline of business It enables us to derive guidelines for business operations.

Manage constant business and IT change. Offer maximum value to customers. Enhance resources and capabilities. Provide services that are useful and reliable. Plan processes with specific goals in mind. Clearly defines roles for each task. Deliver value for customers through services Integrate business and service strategies. Improve the relationship with customers. Service management best practices.

Better management of services and integration. Business services IT Functions. The objectives of the incident management process are: Incident management ensures that regulated methods are used for the efficient response, reporting of incidents, analysis, ongoing management, and documentation. Progress communication of incident management to IT staff.

Align incident management activities and priorities properly. Manage the satisfaction of users with quality IT service. The advantages of ITIL are: Increase customer satisfaction Helps to create a clear structure of an organization Improve service availability Financial management Allows to improve the decision-making process Helps to control infrastructure services 6 Define Service Level Agreement A Service Level Agreement is a commitment between a service provider and the end-user.

It represents the level of service, which is assumed by this service provider. Related process and tasks roles. Focus on IT. However, it is just not only suitable for IT. ITIL is a means to deliver consistent quality. Existing activities and how to optimize them. It is not limited to any market, individual, or business. It can also be used to filter and categorize events to know specific actions. A change request is a proposal to make changes in a particular system or product.

While a service request is submitted by the user and is a request for IT service access and changing of standard. The three levels of SLA are: Customer service level agreement: It exists between the service provider and customers. Internal service level agreement: It is an agreement between IT and internal customers.

Vendor service level agreement: It is the agreement between the developer and the vendor. The primary difference between process and project is that a project has a finite lifespan while a process is continuous and having no deadline. Recognize the main cause of these occurrences.

Prevent incidents from reoccurring. Resolve the incident. To examine the incidents. Make the Incident management report. The incident is an unplanned reduction in the quality of an IT service. They are mainly deal with authorization, prioritization, assessment, and scheduling of the changes.

It requires rules for making changes to the source code. Processes: It includes an examination of the company's ability to implement the required processes. Partners: Each and every in-house or outsourced and IT organization, has partners that enable service to work properly. RACI defines as: Responsible: Responsibilities which are assigned to a person in order to complete a particular task. Accountable: The person is accountable for the specific task.

Consulted: Groups or people consulted for the task. Informed: People who are kept informed about the current process of the task. During this stage, services within the IT service provider are reviewed to identify the areas for improvement. Important ITIL stages are: Stages of ITIL Service Strategy: Service Strategy Operations ensure that services such as fulfilling user requests, working on service failures, fixing problems, and carrying out routine operational tasks efficiently and effectively.

Service Design: This stage ensures agreed service is delivered when, where, and at the defined cost. It also makes sure that changes to services and Service Management processes are conducted in a coordinated way. Service Operations: This ITIL stage focuses on meeting end-users' expectations while balancing costs and discovering any potential problems.

Continual Service Improvement: It makes sure that IT services can recover and continue from a service incident. It helps to conduct business simper analysis to prioritize business recovery. An incident can be defined as an event that leads to disruptions in IT service, and a problem is the underlying reason of these incidents.

It is generally performed after the change request is put into effect to ensure that the implemented changes were successful or not. It is managed by the change management process. Layers of service management measurements are: Progress: It responsible for handling the progress of the existing service operations.

Compliance: It is mainly concern with the compliance of market standards and the trending industry process. Effectiveness: This measurement helps to maintain the effectiveness of the services. Efficiency: It helps with the efficiency of workflow and service maintenance. Service Transition is used to: Make sure that a particular service can be managed, operated as well as supported.

Give quality knowledge of Change, Release, and Deployment. Plan and manage the resource and capacity and requirements to accomplish a release. It enables to review the important changes that will take place in the future. Modifications needs and approval by ensuring they do not have any negative impact on the system. For example, One IT policy can be referred to as email attachment size. Products cannot be produced or consumed at the same time. Services are inconsistent.

Products are consistent. The user can participate in the production of services. The user cannot participate in product production. They are not tangible. They are tangible. The process owner is responsible for the design, performance, integration, improvement, and management of a particular process. Five qualities of information assets in IT security management are: Confidentiality: It ensures that the asset is available only to a particular party. Integrity: It ensures that an unauthorized party has not changed asset Availability: It makes sure that the asset may be utilized when needed Authenticity: Ensures that the identities of the party is genuine.

Nonrepudiation: It ensures that transactions, once completed, must not be reversed without approval. The significant difference between ITIL v2.

It focuses on a product, process, people, and partners. The version provides a process-oriented approach. The version provides Lifecycle based approach. In v2 of ITIL, security management is part of the evaluation. In v3, security management is a completely separate process.

Focuses on service design and strategy. Equal attention to all processes. Have 10 processes and 2 functions. Have 26 processes and 4 functions. Capacity Management is focused on ensuring that at all times, the cost-effective capacity exists that meets the business demands mention in SLA.

ITSCM process ensures that the service provider provides the minimum agreed-upon levels of service. The evaluation process is important because it assists you in assessing significant changes, like the introduction of a new service to an existing service.

Utility Warranty The utility is defined as functionality offered by service or product from the customer perspective. Warranty is defined as a promise that service or product will agree with the need. The utility deals with is what the client gets.

Warranty deals with how service is delivered. The utility should meet the customer requirement, that is, it should fit for the intention. Warranty should operate the service properly. Utility can increases the performance average. Warranty can reduce performance variation. An alert indicates that a failure has occurred.

ITIL V3 Foundation Exam Questions & Answers Set

Personnel, electronic, network, emergency, identity B. Physical, personnel, network, emergency, service D. Normal, temporary, emergency, personal, group. Measurement, methods and metrics B. Service design package C. Service portfolio design D. Process definitions.

ITIL provides a set of practices that have helped organizations across the world to improve their business service. It helps improve service delivery and customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and so much more. ITIL also helps with:. ITSM or Information Technology Service Management is the act of taking the support of people, processes, and technology to deliver IT services and support internal customers. Partners: The partners who work with the IT organization to ensure that the service works properly.

These guidelines are best practices that are gathered, observed, and put together over time to provide quality IT services. COBIT is used for the integration of information and technology It enables to implement guideline of business It enables us to derive guidelines for business operations. Manage constant business and IT change. Offer maximum value to customers. Enhance resources and capabilities. Provide services that are useful and reliable.

ITIL Interview Questions

Well, you have reached the right place. Mindmajix has listed the most advanced ITIL interview questions and answers for both freshers and experienced professionals on this page. This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain. It helps businesses to achieve their mission with the best way to plan, manage, and deliver.

To increase the effectiveness of your study and make you familiar with the actual exam pattern, we provide the following sample questions. The premium practice exam questions are more comprehensive, exam oriented scenario-based and exact match of ITIL Foundation exam questions. Question:

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