Candidate Conversation with Congressman Seth Moulton

On Monday, July 15th, the Children’s Policy Coalition held their second round table discussion of their Facebook Live Candidate Conversation series with Congressman Seth Moulton.

Member of the Caucus for Kids campaign, Emilee Harris asked Moulton what he would do as president to create health care options for all children in America. Moulton stated that he plans on offering a public option that can compete with the private option to ensure that health care prices are lowered through negotiation, while everyone gets to participate in a health plan that works best for them.

Ashley Otte of the IowaAEYC asked Moulton what he would do as president to ensure that all families have access to quality, affordable child care and early education. Moulton began with a note about how men who work as car washing attendants in parking lots make more money than the women who work taking care of our children. He says he would first address this to make sure that care givers are making a living wage. He also plans on mandating paid family leave and working on programs to better train the child care workforce.

Denise Rathman, a social worker, asked Moulton what he would do to protect all of our children and provide children’s safety and wellbeing. Moulton states that he has seen first hand the effects of weapons of war, and that he would executively address gun reform if need be to keep unsafe guns out of our communities. He also explained that under his administration, there will never be a policy that allows for children to be separated from their families. Finally, he plans on addressing mental health care and making this care accessible to all families.

Lana Shope of the Iowa Community Action Association asked Moulton what he would do to ensure that families had the resources they need to provide for their children’s basic needs. Moulton said that poverty can be an easy fix in this nation if we prioritize these issues. He states that plans to provide free college for everyone would cost the same as ending poverty in the country, and his administration would favor the latter. He also states that the current cost to end childhood poverty is $65 billion, and although that seems like a lot of money, it is very small in the grand scheme of the national budget. He would use revenue from his proposed tax plan to pay for programs to eliminate poverty in our country.

Sheila Hansen, co-chair of the Children’s Policy Coalition, asked Moulton how he plans to provide equal opportunity for all children. He states that the policy for all agencies under his administration would not allow for any discrimination. He says he would also support the passage of laws that create better equal opportunity, such as the Equality Act.

To listen to the full conversation, watch the video above.

The Children’s Policy Coalition is calling on every presidential candidate to address the issues affecting children and families. Candidate responses are shared here for informational purposes only. The Children’s Policy Coalition does not endorse candidates or parties. We’re caucusing for kids!

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