Mayor Buttigieg talks child care & paid leave on campaign trail

Just two days after South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg made his official campaign announcement, our coalition members caught up with him in Fort Dodge, Iowa to talk about child care and other issues affecting children and families.

Children’s Policy Coalition co-chair Sheila Hansen asked Buttigieg how he would ensure affordability and access to high-quality child care. Buttigieg stressed the importance of having a national paid leave policy to support working families, and indicated that his campaign platform will include a proposed “child allowance” to help working families get by.

Watch Buttigieg’s response below.

The following day, Buttigieg appeared at an event in Marshalltown, where Jillian Herink, president of the Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children, asked him a similar question, focusing particularly on the challenges facing the child care workforce.

Buttigieg described child care as a “three-legged stool” of quality, affordability, and compensation, and said that policies must address all three in order to be effective. He once again shared his plan to create a tax credit-like allowance to help families afford child care.

The Children’s Policy Coalition is calling on every presidential candidate to address the issues affecting children and families. Candidate responses are shared here for informational purposes only. The Children’s Policy Coalition does not endorse candidates or parties. We’re caucusing for kids!

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