Cindy Axne on Afterschool and Summer Learning

This page presents the views of the candidate Cindy Axne (D), running in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District in 2018 against incumbent candidate Rep. David Young (R). Both candidates were invited to respond to the coalition’s questions on six important federal child and family policy issues. All responses are printed without editing.

A thank you to the Axne campaign for responding to these important questions.

Before-school, afterschool and summer learning programs support working families by filling the gap between work and school schedules, keeping kids safe, and provides additional learning opportunities for youth beyond the classroom, helping to decrease the achievement gap and build critical 21st Century skills. It is estimated that nearly 140,000 Iowa youth need access to a program in their community, and almost 115,000 are alone and unsupervised after school. 21st Century Community Learning Center grants are the primary source of federal afterschool and summer learning funding, which ensures almost 2 million children and their families continue to have access to quality programming when school is out.

What actions would you take to support afterschool programs and community services to ensure youth have the additional supports needed for successful in school, career, and life?

Cindy AxneAxneHeadshot
After-school programs are critical to success. As a member of my local YMCA, I have seen how after-school programs work first-hand. I know that children who get the support they need during these programs are more likely to succeed later in life. In Congress, I will fight to secure funding for the grants that allow these programs to continue to operate, and I will work to expand access to these programs so every child has a chance to succeed.


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