Iowa Gubernatorial Candidates on Human Trafficking

This page presents the views of the two candidates running to become Iowa’s governor in 2018. Incumbent candidate Governor Kim Reynolds (R) and retired businessman Fred Hubbell (D) answered the coalition’s questions on seven important child and family policy issues. All responses are printed without editing.

A thank you to both candidates for responding to these important questions.

How will you address the issue of human trafficking and ensure the broad-based training needed to educate all Iowans that serve, teach, protect, respond or utilize our natural resources?

gov reynolds 3
fred hubbell circle
Governor Reynolds and her team are working to address the issue of human trafficking. Under her leadership, Iowa’s Network Against Human Trafficking has partnered with Nebraska’s Coalition on Human Trafficking to launch the Iowa Hotel/Motel Training Project. The governor is honorary member of the NAHT’s Board of Directors, which is designed to end human trafficking through raising awareness, promoting education, advocating for effective prevention, intervention, rescue, and recovery services and effective legislation and public policy. To end human trafficking in Iowa in all of its forms. Governor Reynolds is also a supporter of Marsy’s Law, which would ensure crime victims and their families are provided the same constitutional rights as the accused. Iowa is one of only 15 states that does not currently constitutionally protect victims’ rights.Recently, the Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery presented Governor Reynolds with the Outstanding Anti-Trafficking Service award. The award recognizes Governor Reynolds’ commitment to fight trafficking cases in Iowa. Human trafficking is a serious problem that spans across Iowa, and we must do more to increase awareness, training, and prevention. I support a fully funded multidisciplinary team approach that includes law enforcement, child protective workers, educators, and labor inspectors, among many others. This crucial effort is underway, but needs to be expanded.

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