Iowa Gubernatorial Candidates on Budgeting for Iowa’s Priorities

This page presents the views of the two candidates running to become Iowa’s governor in 2018. Incumbent candidate Governor Kim Reynolds (R) and retired businessman Fred Hubbell (D) answered the coalition’s questions on seven important child and family policy issues. All responses are printed without editing.

A thank you to both candidates for responding to these important questions.

What is your plan to tackle tax policy issues to ensure a stable and adequate state general fund to pay for Iowa priorities, like children’s health, safety, education, economic security, and development?

gov reynolds 3
fred hubbell circle
  • Children’s health. This year, I signed a first of its kind executive order to create a children’s mental health care system. We are also fighting to lower the costs of healthcare to help families in every corner of Iowa.
  • Safety. As a parent, as a grandparent, and a mother to a schoolteacher, I want to be confident in our school’s ability to keep students and teachers safe. When our students feel safe, they will be able to learn. We passed a bill that requires all Iowa schools to have a high quality school safety plan.
  • Education. I have not only held K-12 education funding harmless while other departments saw budget cuts, $765 million in K-12 education over the last 8 years, and only 3 other states in the country have increased K-12 spending more than Iowa in recent years. But we cannot fall into the trap of only looking at dollar amounts. That’s why we are proud of the Teacher Leadership and Compensation System. As a parent to an educator, as a grandparent to 9 grandchildren, schools being both safe and effective is my top priority.
  • Economic security. We want young Iowans to find the economic security that comes with a good-paying job. That’s why we launched Future Ready Iowa, a workforce opportunity initiative that helps Iowans find the skills they need for a career that they love right here in Iowa.
  • Development. This year, I signed legislation into law that ends the practice of lunch shaming by prohibiting schools from publicly listing students who owe money for a school lunch, and also setting up means for outside resources to be used. No student shouldn’t be distracted from learning because of their financial situation.
We need a budget and tax system that puts Iowans first. Governor Culver appointed me to lead the Department of Economic Development after the film tax scandal cost Iowa millions. While at DED, I helped identify $161 million annually in wasteful tax credits, giveaways and exemptions – money that should be going to education and healthcare. As governor, I would re-prioritize our budget to end these wasteful tax giveaways to ensure education is fully funded, including pre-K for all 4 years olds, and that Iowans have access to quality, affordable healthcare.

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