Iowa Gubernatorial Candidates on Afterschool and Summer Learning

This page presents the views of the two candidates running to become Iowa’s governor in 2018. Incumbent candidate Governor Kim Reynolds (R) and retired businessman Fred Hubbell (D) answered the coalition’s questions on seven important child and family policy issues. All responses are printed without editing.

A thank you to both candidates for responding to these important questions.

How would you ensure that all children and youth have access to high-quality before- and afterschool and summer programming?

gov reynolds 3
fred hubbell circle
  • We will continue to focus on child care. As well as ensuring we are providing opportunities through Future Ready Iowa.
  • Read more about Future ready Iowa here:
Earlier in my life, I worked at a childcare center, where I saw firsthand how formative a full day education can be on the development of young people. As governor I will work to fully fund universal pre-K and K-12 education, so every Iowan can have a full learning environment to better prepare our students for lifelong success.

Before- and after-school programs should not just be the obligation of the state, there’s a significant role for the non-profit and business community to help provide quality before- and after- support.

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