CPC Asked: Fred Hubbell

fred hubbellRead how Fred Hubbell plans to address important child and family policy issues in his campaign to become Iowa’s next governor.

Budgeting for Iowa’s Priorities
What is your plan to tackle tax policy issues to ensure a stable and adequate state general fund to pay for Iowa priorities, like children’s health, safety, education, economic security, and development?

We need a budget and tax system that puts Iowans first. Governor Culver appointed me to lead the Department of Economic Development after the film tax scandal cost Iowa millions. While at DED, I helped identify $161 million annually in wasteful tax credits, giveaways and exemptions – money that should be going to education and healthcare. As governor, I would re-prioritize our budget to end these wasteful tax giveaways to ensure education is fully funded, including pre-K for all 4 years olds, and that Iowans have access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Family Economic Security
What actions will you take to reduce multigenerational poverty and ensure that all children have access to equal opportunities to achieve success?

Every Iowan deserves the opportunity to receive lifelong education and job training they need to lead successful lives. As governor, I would work to ensure this by expanding investments in education, from fully funding universal pre-K and K-12 and making a higher education more affordable, to ensuring every high school has job training partnerships with local businesses and community colleges. By fully funding education, we can help ensure schools adequate teachers, counselors, and support staff to empower every student to their their full potential.

Early Education and Child Care
How will you support affordable child care and access to programs, promote the importance of quality, and address child care workforce needs?

Under Iowa’s current system, working parents can be blocked out of child care benefits due to eligibility cliffs. We need to reform Iowa’s benefit structure so parents don’t have to choose between accepting a raise or higher paying job, and being able to afford quality child care for their children.  As Governor, I will also fully fund all-day pre-K for all 4 year olds, that provides additional childcare support for working families. Considerations should also be given to increasing the child tax credit.

Afterschool and Summer Learning
How would you ensure that all children and youth have access to high-quality before- and afterschool and summer programming?

Earlier in my life, I worked at a childcare center, where I saw firsthand how formative a full day education can be on the development of young people. As governor I will work to fully fund universal pre-K and K-12 education, so every Iowan can have a full learning environment to better prepare our students for lifelong success.

Before- and after-school programs should not just be the obligation of the state, there’s a significant role for the non-profit and business community to help provide quality before- and after- support.

Health and Well-Being
What actions will you take to ensure access to services to address the developmental, emotional, and mental health needs of infants, children and young adults?

In every community I visit, I hear how Iowans are hurting from lack of access to the mental health services they need. In December I released a comprehensive mental health plan that includes establishing a Children’s Mental Health Program, expanding jail diversion programs, supporting community-based services, and adding 50-75 new in-patient beds across the state. As governor I’m committed to putting real funding behind my plan to enact the long-term solutions this crisis needs and Iowans deserve.

Safety and Security
What actions will you take to reduce the number of children who are subject to abuse and neglect, and how will you ensure that youth aging out of the foster care system have a promising future?

Iowa should be properly funding the the Department of Human Services and our entire child protective system, which are strapped for resources preventing adequate oversight and abuse prevention. Additionally, we must ensure the foster care system has frequent monitoring, including educational and medical assessments, so every child is able to live in a safe, secure environment that empowers their success.

Human Trafficking
How will you address the issue of human trafficking and ensure the broad-based training needed to educate all Iowans that serve, teach, protect, respond or utilize our natural resources?

Human trafficking is a serious problem that spans across Iowa, and we must do more to increase awareness, training, and prevention. I support a fully funded multidisciplinary team approach that includes law enforcement, child protective workers, educators, and labor inspectors, among many others. This crucial effort is underway, but needs to be expanded.

This questionnaire was developed by the Children’s Policy Coalition and shared with all gubernatorial campaigns. Candidates were given the option to respond to these questions through an in-person meeting, submitting written responses, or both. All responses are printed without editing.

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